To apply for Pianofest 2018, please: (1) complete the form below and (2) pay the nonrefundable $50 online application fee.

Download the 2018 Pianofest Fact-Sheet here.

Pianofest has a rolling deadline, the last day of which is April 1st. Therefore, decisions will be made on an ongoing basis up through April 1st.

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Please Note
It is expected that all students will have full insurance coverage for travel- and health-related problems and emergencies.
Please use the space below to list teachers, performance experience, honors, awards, previous degrees, schools, special interests, and activities. Please include copies or concert programs or other publicity materials and photo (optional).
Please provide video links — via YouTube or DropBox — to at least three performances in contrasting styles (concertos are acceptable), totaling at least 45 minutes.
Please check our website, first, for more information. If you cannot find an answer to your query, you may email Mr. Schenly at: pschenly [at] (Please include your email address in the body of the email.) Please note that, in addition to this form, there is a non-refundable application fee of $50 that can be paid online at the bottom of this page.
Session Dates
FIRST SESSION: June 18 – July 17; SECOND SESSION: July 17 – August 14
Equal Opportunity
Pianofest subscribes to the following equal opportunity tenets: to provide access to all Pianofest facilities, services, activities, and funding without regard to sex, color, handicap, national origin, race or religion; to recruit and admit qualified students at all levels without regard to sex, color, handicap, national origin, race or religion.