Pianofest 2017 Summer Newsletter

Pianofest Summer 2017 Session 1 Group (Photo courtesy Dede Moan)

Pianofest Summer 2017 Session 1 Group (Photo courtesy Dede Moan)

Greetings to all of you in our Pianofest family, with our first summer session well underway for an exciting summer! As our musical season begins, we wish you many inspiring discoveries and new impressions, as well as a rejuvenating holiday. Here in our second quarterly newsletter, we hope you will have a look at our alum and board member snapshots, and glance at our concert listing and participant roster. Also, please take a moment to visit our Facebook page, linked below: we have all our current photos there, as well as fun video introductions to our festival participants. Together with all of us here at Pianofest, I am personally looking forward to seeing as many of you as I can this summer!
— -Zsolt Bognár, Pianofest alum and Publications Editor/Publicity Coordinator

Igor Lovchinsky

Alum Snapshot: Igor Lovchinsky

What are some favorite memories of Pianofest?
I first went to Pianofest in the summer of 2004, after hearing about it from my teacher at Juilliard, Jerome Lowenthal. I will never forget the countless nights just hanging out at the house - we would play for each other for hours, talk about music and listen to recordings. It was an amazing learning experience being around so many talented young musicians and having the chance to learn from them. Another great memory is of course the Monday concerts and the after-concert pool parties!

What are your projects these days—you have moved in unusual directions for a musician!
My path has been a bit unconventional, as compared to most musicians. In my mid-20s, I got passionately interested in science and went on to get my PhD in Physics. Now I live in New York and work as a research scientist at a company that's trying to revolutionize medical imaging technologies and make them more accessible to people around the world. Nevertheless, I'm still very much involved with music and continue performing regularly. I'm also now father to a young daughter, Alina!

Joseph Piropato

Board Member Snapshot: Joseph Piropato

You are one of the newest board members at Pianofest--how did you first hear about it and get involved?

I first heard about Pianofest from Stephen Dickman, who tunes my piano at our house in East Hampton, and who is an integral member of the Pianofest family. After attending my first concert several years ago I quickly became hooked.

What is the best part about being involved in Pianofest?

The best part is really a series of experiences that perhaps are best described as "aha" moments that resonate deeply in one's soul. Those moments include hearing something in a piece for the first time that touches you deeply; a comment or critique from Paul Schenly that is right on the mark and explains why that happened; and speaking and interacting with other audience members and the extremely talented artists who share a common love for and interest in the music. 

Do you have a favorite memory of Pianofest?

It is hard to single out just one, and honestly I have no "favorites" because all of the talented Pianofest artists have given me so much over the years. But I will never forget the first time I heard Liszt's Ballade No 2 in B Minor played by Daniel Linder at Avram in the summer of 2014. Spellbinding.


Below: Scenes from our April 25 Gala Fundraiser at the Louis K. Meisel Gallery in Soho

Summer 2017 Concert Listing—See You There!

•Monday, July 3 5:30pm Avram Theater
•Monday, July 10 5:30pm Avram Theater
•Wednesday, July 12 6:00pm St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, East Hampton
•Monday, July 17 5:30pm Avram Theater
•Monday, July 24 5:30pm Avram Theater
•Wednesday, July 26 6:00pm St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, East Hampton
•Monday, July 31 5:30pm Avram Theater
•Wednesday, August 2 12:00pm Brookhaven National Laboratory
•Monday, August 7 5:30pm Avram Theater
•Wednesday, August 9 6:00pm St. Luke’s Episcopal Church, East Hampton
•Saturday, August 12 6:00pm Southampton Arts Center
•Monday, August 14 5:30pm Avram Theater 

For further information, please call (631) 329-9115. All Monday tickets $20 per person at the door only.  Students free.  No reservations needed.  All concerts are followed by receptions to meet the artists. See you there!

2017 Pianofest Participants and Schools

Laura Altenmueller • University of Ottowa

Danielle Braga • Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Büyükikiz Anil • Hochschule due Künste Bern

Michelle Cann • Curtis Institute of Music

Wei-Lin Chang • The Juilliard School

Matthew Figel • Eastman School of Music

Jacopo Giacopuzzi • USC Thornton School of Music

Matthew Griswold • Mannes College

Matthew Harikian • University of Minnesota

Vincent Ip • Rice University-The Shepard School of Music

Martin Jacobs • Université de Montréal

Simon Karakulidi • Park University

Saetbyeol Kim • Rice University

Do-Hyun Kim • Cleveland Institute of Music

Klaudia Kudełko • Fryderyk Chopin University of Music-Warsaw

Philip Kwoka • Mannes College

Marina Kyla • Lee University

Michael Lenahan • The Juilliard School

Dario Martin • Southern Methodist University

Adam Mayon • University of Cincinnati

Prudence Poon • Oberlin Conservatory of Music

Niccolò Ronchi • Accademia Nazionale di Santa Cecilia

Ryan Soeyadi • Sachem High School-Manhattan pre-college

Konstantin Soukhovetski

Astrid Torres • Herberger Institute for Design and the Arts

ChaoJun Yang • Bard College

Karen Zhang • University of Cincinnati

Meet them all at the reception after each concert!